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why a teaser trailer made me cry

I’m going to write a lot so just be warned.

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i’m seeing gaga for the first time tonight….. haelp.

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I think the story that best sums up why Elaine Stritch mattered to me is this: earlier this year, during the Olympics, I was watching the fourth hour of the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee because I was home sick. Elaine Stritch is the last guest on the program. She comes on, wearing a fur coat, sunglasses and a bowler hat inside, barefoot and wearing her usual uniform of a long button-down shirt and no pants, puts her feet up in Kathie Lee’s lap, and proceeds to say “fuck” and “bullshit” on live TV several times during the interview.

Elaine Stritch went on a date with a young Marlon Brando and thought he was a prat, so she didn’t sleep with him. Elaine Stritch’s low note on the opening number of “Company” is the stuff of legend. Elaine Stritch has not worn pants in approximately twenty-five years. Elaine Stritch represents the highest level of not giving a fuck and we should all aspire to be her when we grow up.

I rarely get sad about celebrity deaths, because it always strikes me as kind of pointless — you didn’t know them, you’re not really affected in any way — but this one… man. She wasn’t just a celebrity, she was a BROAD. A New York institution. And I’m really sad about this one.

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my life is one big “wow ok”

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